This patent-pending floating foundation form is a pre-engineered modular kit that is manufactured to allow users to create a flat floating cement slab. The Floating Floor Foundation Kit is designed to pour a 5”  thick rebar re-enforced Pre-engineered floating slab. It can be shipped with or prior to the building for end user assembly! 

ON TIME, ON BUDGET …WHY wait to excavate? WHY wait for contractors ?


Floating on styro-foam or a gravel base the steel re-bar grid can also support In-Floor Radiant heat systems that  distribute heat evenly and completely, through-out the floor!

Gold Corp 1

 A floating foundation on-site at Goldcorp Inc.
These kits can be designed for almost any building, in almost any condition!

 Once a size, use and location have been determined, each form is designed and built from an engineered set of plans. A pre-engineered system of exterior channels, made of galvanized steel, is connected together to create almost any size and shape. The main frame is then reinforced by Threadbar® technology.

Galvanized steel components

For more information on our patent-pending, do-it-yourself floating foundation kits, contact G&G Building Group online or toll-free at 866-649-2558866-649-2558.